The People Detector (also known as the "Electric Field Proximity Sensor") is an micro-electronic based device that can detect the presence of both moving and stationary objects through solid materials.  Its ability to operate through any non-conductive material permits complete invisibility. The sensor functions by detecting small changes in an ultra-low-power electromagnetic field generated between two remotely located antenna electrodes.  Its range is adjustable from inches to over 12 feet.  Regretfully, the EF Sensor is no longer being sold to new customers, and we cannot respond to email from persons other than existing customers.  We are making available, for personal non-commercial use, a 2.6Mb downloadable file containing the following items:

  1. Schematic Diagram

  2. Bill of Material including component sourcing information

  3. Instruction Manual

  4. Frequently Asked Questions

  5. Printed Circuit Board Artwork. 

The file includes a program called CIRCAD which is required to view the Schematic and PCB Design.  This windows-based software can also be used with a standard printer and 3M transparency film to produce high quality printed circuit board artwork.

You can download the complete file by clicking HERE.

The People Detector was developed in cooperation with the MIT Media Lab and in many respects can be described as a development tool for home automation enthusiasts.  The multiplicity of calibration adjustments, which must be manually performed, can be confusing even to technical personnel.  The opportunity exists for simplified designs to meet specific applications.

The MIT Media Lab has a web site where you can download additional technical information on the technology:   A prototype called the "Fish" (because it operates in three dimensions while a mouse can operate in only two) can monitor the position of bodies within a three dimensional space.  The People Detector sensing circuitry is similar in many respects to that of the Fish, but operates in only two dimensions and omits the microprocessor interface.  Finding the relevant papers within the MIT web site can be challenging.  In addition, the papers are highly technical and academic in nature.  Neither we or MIT can provide you any additional technical or product support.  The good news is that they are "posted on the bulletin board" for all to use.  

































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